Season 1 - Annotation

Season annotation:

Electrocity is a virtual city, situated between the Bin and the Cloud (Heaven and Hell) - a system somewhere in the Net. The protagonists Tom & Hardy are such plain viruses, that they can’t even attract the police attention. But one day everything changes and they manage to climb to the top of the criminal ladder. They commit a crime that leads them to the cloud-protector Malwaro, whose only purpose is to maintain a safe and user-friendly city. He condemns them to deletion. Now, their only hope is to reach the Cloud, so they can manage to copy themselves there. This way they will have a backup to use, even if they’re deleted.

To reach the Cloud, the viruses will pass through the Recycle Bin, fight its boss and finally conquer Malwaro. Having gone through deletion and resurrection, they will finally stand tall in front of the gates of the Cloud.

The Cloud is not without its obstacles. It also has a Boss, and it is a strong one. Of course, in the end of the season, the two viruses will manage to back themselves up, but this will not be the end 'cause we’re going to see our favourite characters in season 02.