Tom the Trojan Horse

Tom the Trojan Horse

Tom is a trojan horse. He is a choleric. He is the dude in the company, he likes to joke around and he always knows best for everything, but only in words. When there’s a need for action, he always finds an excuse and passes the ball to Hardy. At the same time, he thinks he is a rebel. Often we see the trickster in him, because he likes deceiving close friends. Nobody likes his tricks, especially when his schemes are far from amusing. Then we see the shadow element in his character - he has flames in his eyes, he forgets himself and joins the dark side.

Tom’s best friends are his special toys - the guns. His favourite one is the data vacuum cleaner which allows him to suck in enormous volumes of information really fast. Tom prefers big guns. This is the only way for him to get a ginormous fallos, figuratively and compensate for his little height. His size is his biggest insecurity - he is scared by tall women, doesn’t like tall men.

But he is a skillful little dude. There is no place where he can’t break in. Often, Tom relies on camouflage or disguise. There’s always something that he messes up and it’s evident that he is a malware. Despite that, Tom is a refined guy and if he didn’t overcompensate with macho bullshit, you would probably guess that he is gay.

When Tom reaches his goal, he is uncovering explosively and brightly. Often, when he's in disguise, there’s the persona effect, or the classic comedy stunt of a man that is not in his place.

He likes fast food and beer.