Hardy the Computer Worm

Hardy the Computer Worm

Hardy is a computer worm Melancholic. He is а little limited and socially awkward. He has trouble with communication, but he has a superpower - to multiplicate, or to copy himself. When Hardy is worried or somehow loses the teddy bear which is always in his hands, he creates his counterparts. The problem is that if he can’t infect somebody, his copies are awfully dumb and often get involved in a giant mess, instead of helping him out.

Hardy plays by the rules, but sometimes he gets in a cul-de-sac situation. When something like that happens, he is ready to die, in order to save the others. This is the archetype of the hero in him. Hardy finds strong force and motivation inside himself and saves the Earth. The problem is that they are buried deep inside him.

Often, Hardy struggles with depression, and when this happens, he likes to hide behind a pile of apples. This is when the animal instinct inside him takes over and he starts acting like a real worm. He likes to eat apples and roll around in mud puddles.

His worst enemy are the phishing e-mails and sites, which are sent to the users. He is scared that one of these messages will swallow him whole. He can’t talk to girls, like the Raj character from The Big Bang Theory series.

Hardy is smart, he is capable of stealing information from every source and make it his own.

Hardy is bald and wears a fake strand of hair under his hoody. His baldness is his insecurity. He doesn’t like talking about it, or when someone points it out. He is hysterical when someone touches his hoody.

Hardy likes eating bio products and drinking fresh apple juice.